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    Players - Membership Request / Invitation

    1 After one membership request/invitation the non ally-village has 3 days of NAP, in that 3 days the player of that village (or the members of The Northern Coalition) will make a final decision about the request.
    The nap will start when the request go into status (( under descision ))

    1.1.1 In case of Invitation, after the 3 days if the player gives no answer, it will be considered that the offer is refused. And the NAP will be break.

    1.1.2 In case of Invitation, after the 3 days if the player accepts to join The Northern Coalition, he will have a trial time of 2 weeks to test his behaviour before becoming a Full Member.

    1.2 In case of Membership Request the leadership will let the player know the final decision.

    1.2.1 If the Request is refused, the NAP will be broken.

    1.2.2 If the Request is accepted, the player will join The Northern Coalition in the Team of New Members. And will have two weeks of trial time to test his behaviour, before becoming a Full Member.


    The candidatures are individual. When you post your candidature, the members of The Northern Coalition alliance will vote to accept you or not. It may be that questions are asked of you during this vote. The vote will finish only when the majority of the members vote.

    Also, if your forum name is different from your in game name, please put it as a signature and preferably in your profile so that everyone knows who you are and how to contact you.


    To clarify the Rules for a Membership Request, your request needs to be like this: (copy/paste and put your answers for each topic)

    Rules :
    You must have read the rules before post your candidature.  You will find in the rules a precise sentence put it here.

    The rules are here :


    -- Account Name:
    -- Tribe:

    -- Player ID:
    (replace XXXX with your ID)

    -- Population:
    -- Location:
    -- Off rank:
    -- Def rank:

    -- Current alliance (if any):

    -- Sitter(s):

    -- Troops Description:
    -- % in crop use for your troop / pop ( example you have 3 phalanx and 1 tt and your pop is 10 then you have 50%)

    -- How long have you been playing Travian? Is TS2 your first server, is it your primary server?

    --What amount of resources have you raided in the last week? (use the top 10 option in statistics to see how you did)

    -- Is this the first time you have applied to The Northern Coalition?

    -- Do you have a reference within The Northern Coalition?

    -- Which alliances have you been in before?

    -- Why did you leave them?


    -- How much time do you dedicate to travian everyday?

    -- What has your game strategy been so far?

    -- Did you receive any attacks or raids recently? Are you being farmed?

    -- How do you know The Northern Coalition and why do you want to join?

    -- Tell us more about yourself in general.

    -- And to conclude, is there anything else we need to know?

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